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En Umulig gutt (play)

(Un Garcon impossible/ An impossible boy)

"Take a Norwegian playwright debutant and a cunning dose of crazy humor. Add some stinging satire about self-absorbed adults, stir in stuffing and a season of Chicago Hope boiled down to one hour of hysterical soap opera, and you begin to approach a description of Petter S. Rosenlunds debut piece"
                      - Hans Rossine, Dagbladet.

The play was first produced at Trøndelag Teater in 1997. Directed by Trond Birkedal. Since then the play has been produced at more than 20 venues in Europa and translated into 9 languages.

Other productions
NRK-tv, broadcasting of the production at Trøndelag Teater). (1998)
Oslo Nye Teater, Centralteatret, Oslo. Norway. (1998)
Le Gymnase,”Rrose Sélavy”, Marseille. France. (2000)
Nye Plaza. Directed by, Tuva F. Norling. Stockholm. Sweden. (2000)
Staatstheatret in Darmstadt, Darmstadt. Germany. (2000)
Comedie Francaise, Studio Theatre. Directed by, Frédéric Bélier-Garcia.  Paris. France. (2000)
Teater Vasternorrland, Sundsvall. Sweden.(2001)
Aalborg Teater, Ålborg. Denmark. (2001)
Theatre Le Funambule, Paris. France. (2001)

Le Theo-Theatre (La Scene du Balcon), Paris. France( 2001)
Teatro Stabile Sloveno, Trieste, Italia (2003)
Thaba Tshwane community Development Project, South-Africa. (2003)
Theatre de Villepreux, France. (2006
Le Thalia Théâtre (20.11.06). Paris. France. (2006)
L'Etoile du Nord. Paris. France
Scenoteket, Sarpsborg. Norway. (2008)
Petter Rosenlund
Theatre Rond-Point, Directed by, Jean-Michel Ribes. Paris. France. (2009)
Petter Rosenlund
Cesky Rozhlas (Czech Radio). (2012)


Scandinavian American Theater Company, New York (”reading series”, 6. Oktober) 2014
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