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The heavy water war
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(The saboteurs/ Kampen om tungtvannet)

A six part dramatization of one of the most exciting stories from the Second World War - the Nazis' efforts to develop an atom bomb and the Allies' desperate struggle to prevent it from happening. 



When national broadcaster NRK aired the series in January 2015, a total of 1,7 million viewers (of a total population of just over 5 million) tuned in – by far the highest rating for any TV drama series of the millennium. 

En umulig gutt

En Umulig gutt (play)

(Un Garcon impossible/ An impossible boy)

ISBN13 9788275300230


"Take a Norwegian playwright debutant and a cunning dose of crazy humor. Add some stinging satire about self-absorbed adults, stir in stuffing and a season of Chicago Hope boiled down to one hour of hysterical soap opera, and you begin to approach a description of Petter S. Rosenlunds debut piece" -

                                                                                        -Hans Rossine, Dagbladet.


The play was first produced at Trøndelag Teater in 1997. Directed by Trond Birkedal. Since then the play has been produced at more than 20 venues in Europa and translated into 9 languages.

Un garcon impossible
Un garcon impossible (play)

ISBN 2-912464-14-5

La familie de Jim, le "garcon impossible", oú personne n´est à sa vraie place, n'est-elle pas le reflet d'autres monstruosités?



Thomas P
Thomas P (novel)
ISBN 978-82-8178-250-1


The novelisytic edition of the tv-series was awarded a Childrens Literatur Prize in 2007 (Ark barnebokpris) voted by 10 000 children all over Norway. 



Thomas P tv serie
Thomas P (tv-series)

A tv-series in 11 parts.


About a boy who dicovers that he has the ability to hear what others think.



Sara Sover teater
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ISBN 978-82-8178-250-1

First produced at Brageteatret in 2005. Directed by Trond Birkedal.

Varg Veum Dødens drabanter
Dødens drabanter (feature film)


Directed by Stephan Apelgren. Produced by Cinemiso, Fuzz, SF Norge an TV2.






Tiden før Tim
Tiden før Tim (tv-series)

A six part tv-series. First aired on NRK1, 2002. Produced by NRK and directed by Anne-Marie Nørholm. .

Adrian Posepilt Trøndelag teater
Adrian Posepilt (play)

Based on the novel by Kristian Kristiansen. First produced at the Trøndelag Teater in 2014. Directed by Kjersti Haugen. 

Trollkoden Rosenlund
Trollkoden (play)

First produced at Gålå. Directed by Erik Ulfsby. Produced by Peer Gynt as.

Islottet Det Norske teatret
Isslottet (play)

Based on the novel by Tarjei Vesaas. First produced at Teatret Vårt and Det Norske Teatret in 2004.  

Directed by Erik Ulfsby. 

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